Landscape and Nature Photography weekend workshop. Feb 2018.


If you’ve started into photography and want to take the next step, or maybe you’ve been doing it awhile but feel that you would like to brush up on your skills, then this workshops is for you.


With a small number of like-minded people, you’ll spend the weekend totally immersed in photography.  To teach and answer all of your questions, you’ll have at hand two internationally award winning photographers.  Your principle teacher, Allan, has over 30 years photography experience and more than ten years experience teaching photography at a tertiary level.  No ‘Johnny-come-latelies’ here!

For those of you who have done our one-day workshop or beginners night class, this is the next step up.  The things you learnt on the one-day workshop will become second nature to you as you put them into practice while taking photos in a beautiful part of New Zealand. At the same time you’ll gain even more individualised tips and tricks from myself and Kim.

The location shooting will be during the good light, (early morning and late evening) leaving the mid part of the day to get into more advanced topics.  Some of these will look at technical aspects, while other exercises will tackle the creative side of photography.  Like the one-day workshop, you’ll go away with lots of new ideas and info.  It will be full on, but we will still give you time to chill out.☺


Where and when:

Purakaunui, Catlins. From Friday evening of the 16th February 2018 to Sunday afternoon (18th Feb).
As a photographic location the Catlins are just oozing photographic potential. Often however the best spots are tucked down obscure little side roads and look best at certain times of the day. We'll show you some great photo locations, under the best light.


We’ll be staying in a 1970s farmhouse that is spacious, warm, comfortably furnished and has the friendliest chickens on the planet (living outside the house, though they would dearly love to come inside and join in the fun). ☺
We stay here because it’s nice, comfortable accommodation, and it’s smack in the middle of some wonderful landscape locations. 

Bedding and towels are supplied.


We will provide all the food for the weekend.  Breakfast will be continental style (cooking facilities are available if you feel you need something more).
At this point in time, I feel I should make a small confession: we are not French gourmet chefs!
I do however believe we have progressed past the stage of burning water (just).
After a long day of shooting and photo exercises, our aim is to provide you with food that is tasty and plentiful. 


We ask that you provide your own transport to and from the accomodation and that you are prepared to drive from where we are staying to each photography location.  All the locations that we will use are within a 30km radius of the accomodation. (People often pool transport to the photo locations). If transportaion is a problem please ask as we may be able to help.

What to bring:

Sunhat and Raincoat
Footwear suitable for outdoor terrain e.g. native bush and coast
Warm clothing, including a hat and gloves.
Camera and lenses
Tripod (if you don't have one let us know and we'll lend you one)
Camera batteries and charger
Spare memory.
A laptop with photoshop installed if you would like lessons in photoshop. (You can install a 30 day trial version for free.)
A sense of adventure and the willingness to give something new a go!

Equipment borrowing:

Some equipment can be borrowed and we’ll have some specialty equipment with us for you to try.
Let us know if you feel you are short of anything as we may be able to help.

Structure of the days:

We’ll be up early and out late to capture the best light.  Between these times there will be a mix of lessons and free time for doing your own thing.  Whether that is photoshoping, critiquing photos you’ve taken, taking more photos or just chilling, the choice is yours.


$650 or $800. This includes accommodation and food.

Your choice of a double room to yourself at $800 or a twin share room at $650 per person. (If you are lucky, you may get a room to yourslf at $650, but if you would rather guarantee a room to yourself, then you can do so by paying $800)

The maximum number of photographers on the workshop will be restricted to 5, which means that you will receive lots of one-on-one tuition from Allan and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


We require a deposit of $300 to secure your place.

Terms and Conditions:

Also known as the fine print. terms and conditions here