Custom / One-on-One Photography Workshops


If what you are after is not covered by one of our workshops, email us, and let us know what you would like.  We are here to help.  Anything, from a one-hour lesson on a specific topic, to a multi-day photography tour or workshop.  We can arrange it.

Maybe you already have a location in mind for a workshop. Alternatively, we can suggest areas that are particularly photogenic. Maybe you have a trip to New Zealand planed and like the idea of your own personal photography guide as you go along. Choose the style of accommodation that suits your taste, from camping to 5 star, I’ll fit in.

As a guide, my rate is $650/day (a day being 24hrs) plus expenses (this may vary based on circumstances)


Just a few of the many possible options:

Custom one on one workshop:

Travelling to NZ and would like to attend a photography workshop.  Tell us where, when and for how long and we will sort it.


Camper van workshops.

Combine seeing New Zealand’s stunning scenery, with a photography workshop, where we teach you to take amazing photos of that scenery.  Each day the camper vans will travel in convoy to a new location.  We’ll give a photography lesson, and then we’ll all go out and  practice.


Wedding photography tips:

Maybe some close friends have asked you to photograph their wedding and in a moment of utter folly you said yes.  Now you are freaking out with the realisation, that it is a momentous occasion, and you really don’t know what you are doing.  We can’t teach you to be a fabulous wedding photographer in a couple of hours (that takes years) but we can give you some good tips that will make a big difference to your photos. 


Workplace  photography.

Do you need to photograph something for work?  Maybe you need some of your employees to photograph something.  From Architectural photography to Food photography.  A little knowledge goes a long way.  Maybe you’ve decided to save  money and time by doing your photography in-house. Maybe you are looking to set up a lighting studio. I can help! (In my time teaching photography at the Polytech, I set up four full lighting studios and a couple of mini studios!)



Contact us now and start the ball rolling.