India Photography Tour 2018



On a winters evening in the year of 87, I attended a slide show of a person's travels in India. That very night, I decided that I too was going to India. I didn't know when or how, with whom or for how long, or any other details. I just knew that I had to go! Six months later I was landing in New Delhi at the start of a three-month trip that would smoke my noodle.

Since that time, I've traveled extensively and talked to a whole gaggle of fellow travelers, and there is one thing we all agree on. 'There is no country quite like India!'

When you get off the plane in New Delhi the smells are going to hit you. The sights are going to hit you. The sounds are going to hit you. And you may just want to get back on that plane! We hope however that you will give India a bit more of a chance. You see, as a place to travel to, India does ask a lot of you. But then it pays you back many, many, many times over.

It's such a total cacophony of sensory overload that it will leave you speechless . . . and then turn you into a storyteller.

And with all of the above, I haven't mentioned two of the biggest drawcards to India; the 'to die for' yummy food, and most importantly to us, the totally sublime photography. Oh my god!

Come with us to India, and come home with memories and photos that will stir your inner soul for the rest of your days.


We are in the early stages of organising, with lots more details to come, but contact us now to register your interest, and we'll see that you get first divs on this never to be forgotten photography experience.

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Below are some of the approximate details.


12 days in India.
In the first half of November 2018.
Mainly in Rajasthan.
Temp at that time of the year, Max 28 degrees C.
Food tasty but not over the top hot.
Cost:; less than you may imagine.


Two of the big things we will concentrate on are street photography and street portraiture.  The two are not the same.

Street portraiture is when you engage with the person you are about to photograph.  You have a conversation with them. You ask if you can take their photo.  Then you set up the photo, directing their pose and expression etc. 

To see a video of a master street portrait photographer at work in India see the following link of Steve McCurry shooting the last roll of Kodacrome (skip to the 10min mark if you just want to see him in India) If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

click here to see the video


Street photography, by contrast, is capturing an unguarded moment, before the person realises they are being photographed.  Most people struggle with doing street photography at first, as they are worried the person will be offended.  This is a natural and proper worry, however, you will soon learn that the vast majority of people you photograph on the street either don’t realise they have been photographed, or if they do, are happy to be photographed.  With this realisation comes the liberty to capture amazing photos on the street.