Intermediate photography night class; held in Dunedin.


The structure of the class is based around the philosophy that people learn best by doing.

One way to describe the class is to say it is half way between a night class and a mentoring scheme.  You will choose an objective and I’ll mentor you through the process of achieving it, but you’ll also learn from the other group members.

Each month will consist of 3 meetings and together will make up a stand-alone unit.  Each unit will cover one particular style/approach to photography.

At the first meeting of the month, I will introduce the style and teach some general technical aspects.  Then you will have a week to research other people’s photographs and approaches that fit that style i.e. look for amazing photos in that style.  At the second meeting (one week after the first) the group will present their findings.  We will look at and talk about these photos from other people; how they were achieved, why they work compositionally, what light was used etc and from this I will teach any additional skills required.

Using this collection of photographs/ideas each person will choose one or two to reproduce.  You will then have two weeks to do so.  The aim of these two weeks is more than just an attempt.  I will ask people to shoot, to problem solve their mistakes and learn from them and then to re-shoot.  And keep repeating this process until you feel you have a photo with real 'wow' factor.

These final photos will be presented and celebrated at the last meeting of the month.  The obstacles that you encountered and how you over came them will be discussed.

It will be challenging, but in a way that everyone can achieve and all can learn from hearing about each person's problem solving process.

To some extent, you will determine how challenging or other wise it will be; based on the photos you choose to produce.

You may feel a little daunted by the thought of showing your photos to other people, but very quickly the group bonds and you are showing to a group of supporting friends.

The class is ongoing for as long as people want to keep coming.  As one class fills up, I start taking names for another stream.  Contact us now to put your name down for the next one.

Cost $125/month.

Contact us now for more details and to register for this class.