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Some Websites that I find useful!






This is a great site for finding out how sharp or otherwise a lens really is.  Shows how much blur across the sensor at any given focal length or aperture.  Defiantly worth looking at, before you buy a new lens, but also to find out what apertures are sharpest and which to avoid on the lens that you already have. 


Find out the true ISO rating that you can push your camera too.  What the camera manufactures lets you set, and what you would want to set –before you get unacceptable noise –are not the same.


From here you can download for free, “The Photographers Ephemeris”.  T.P.E. is a great wee program that lets you quickly and easily find time and location, for sun set and rise and moon set and rise.  Very handy for planning those early morning shoots and spectacular moon rise shots.



Some Photographers that I find inspiring





John Shaw has been one of my favourite photographers for more than twenty years now.  I can’t think of any other photographer who has been more influential.


Another great photographer, Peter Eastway.  This time very influential with regards to Adobe Photoshop.


Six years ago Rachel Callander was one of my students.  Now she is New Zealand’s top wedding photographer.  As well as taking amazing photos, she is also a truly lovely person.  I’m very proud of Rachel!