Macro Photography 4 Day Workshop.


For anyone who can see the incredible beauty in the small.

Have you tried macro photography but found that the results you got were not what you hoped for?  Maybe you have been thinking about giving macro photography a go, but were not sure where to start.  If so, then this is the course for you. 

Macro photography can be very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  We will start with a technique that will have you getting great results in half an hour flat—I kid you not.  With this success under your belt, we will then introduce you to more sophisticated techniques; slowly building up your arsenal of tricks, until you can confidently handle just about any macro situation.

No specialised equipment is required for this weekend as we supply it all—of course bring any equipment that you do have.


Purakaunui, Catlins.


This workshop will run from the evening of Wednesday the 25th of April (ANZAC day), until Sunday afternoon of the 29th.
And the second one will be from the evening of Wednesday the 9th of May until Sunday afternoon of the 13th May


We’ll be staying in a 1970s farmhouse that has been comfortably furnished.  We stay here because it’s nice, comfortable, roomy accommodation, and it’s smack in the middle of some wonderful locations. Bedding and towels are supplied.


We will provide all the food during the workshop, (if you would like to bring a bottle of wine for dinner you are most welcome to).  Breakfast will be continental style (cooking facilities are available if you feel you need something more).
At this point in time, I feel I should make a small confession: we are not French gourmet chefs!
I do however believe we have progressed past the stage of burning water (just).
After a long day of shooting and photo exercises – potentially in cold conditions, our aim is to provide you with food that is hot, tasty and plentiful. 

For an example of the type of food we provide click here.


We ask that you provide your own transport to and from the accommodation and that you are prepared to drive from where we are staying to each photography location.  All the locations that we will use are within a 30km radius of the accommodation. (People often pool transport to the photo locations.) If you are flying into Dunedin from out of town, let us know and we'll organise transport for you.

What to bring:

Large Umbrella
Footwear suitable for outdoor terrain e.g. native bush and coast
Warm clothing, including a hat and gloves
Camera and lens
Camera batteries and charger
Spare memory
A sense of adventure and the willingness to give something new a go!


Please bring a laptop with photo editing software.  Ideally, this will be Photoshop as we will spend a little bit of time looking at post-processing with Photoshop.  If you don't have Photoshop then you will need software that will at least allow the basics editing needed to get photos ready for projection i.e. sizing, cropping etc as we'll be having photo viewing/critiquing sessions of your photos. We will also look at image stacking using Helicon Focus software. If you would like to practice with this software then at least download and install a trial version before the workshop. Alternatively, you could buy a one-year license for US$50, which can later be upgraded to a permanent license, if you like the software.

Equipment borrowing:

Some equipment can be borrowed and we’ll have specialty equipment with us for you to try.
Let us know if you feel you are short of anything as we may be able to help.


$1300 or $1600. This includes accommodation and food.

Your choice of a double room to yourself at $1600 or a twin share room at $1300 per person. (If you are lucky, you may get a room to yourself at $1300, but if you would rather guarantee a room to yourself, then you can do so by paying $1600)

The maximum number of photographers on the workshop will be restricted to 5, which means that you will receive lots of one-on-one tuition from Allan and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


We require a deposit of $400 to secure your place.

Terms and Conditions:

Also known as the fine print. terms and conditions here