Photography Tours, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Photography tours on the spectacular Otago Peninsula with an award winning photographer.


  • Come let an internationally award winning professional photographer show you his favourite photo locations on the spectacular Otago Peninsula.
  • Go where no other tour will take you - the majority of locals don't even know about these spots.
  • At a time that is optimised for great light.
  • Learn the art and craft of photography from a teacher who has a proven track record of excellence.
  • Individualised attention is assured, as there is a maximum of three clients on a tour.



Morning photography tour:
We’ll start the day 45minutes before sun up.  This will get us to our first location as it’s starting to get light.  The light in the morning is different to evening light.  There is more moisture in the air, less dust.  So it is a cooler, watery light; more yellow, less orange. This is a very peaceful, serene time of the day. 
As we soak up the ambience, the light will start to shift and the photos will start to appear.  I’ll be right there to guide and help, as you shoot away to your hearts content. We’ll stay at this location until you feel you have done it justice and then move to new locations, stopping along the way if something catches your eye.  Either three or five hours long.

Evening photography tour:
This tour starts either two or four hours before sunset.  We will visit some locations that look great in late afternoon/evening light and arrive at our final location just before sunset.  Sunsets are nice, but it is the dramatic change of light on the land, at this time of the day, that makes it so special.  The light goes from being low and orange; raking across the land forms to bring out the texture, to the even blue light of twilight that allows the subtle colours to come forth. Either three or five hours long.

These times may seem a tad unsocial, but if you ask any real landscape photographer they will soon tell you the importance of good light.

Cruise Ship tour:
If you are coming off a cruise ship to spend the day in Dunedin and would like to see something different from everyone else, then our middle of the day photo tour is just what you need. We can't promise the dramatic light that our early morning or late evening tours often get, but we certainly can guarantee that we'll get you off the beaten track and that you'll see some little hidden gems that most local don't even know about. We'll provide lunch and we can pick you up / drop you off from your boat or town. Six hours long.

Customised tours: .
If these times don’t suit please let us know as we are always happy to customise a tour to your requirements.


Structure of the tour:
We'll meet you at your accommodation. Either come with us in our vehicle, or follow us in your own – whichever suits you best. We'll take you to some great locations and help you get some fantastic photos. Tuition can be as much or as little as you like and on the aspects of photography that you feel would be the most helpful to you. Some people want help with composition. Some people want help with the technical things. Some people want help with a bit of both, and a few people just want to take photos in great locations. We'll have hot and cold drinks, plus snack food to keep the energy levels up.


What to bring:
Footwear suitable for outdoor terrain e.g. farmland and coast
Warm clothing, including a hat and gloves if you have them
Camera and lens
Tripod (we can lend you one if you don't have your own)
Full camera battery and a spare battery if you have one
Spare memory
A sense of adventure and the willingness to give something new a go!

Equipment borrowing:
Let us know if you feel you are short of anything, as we may be able to help.

Bad weather:
People sometimes ask: "Is it worth going out if the forecast is for cloudy conditions?" My answer is, "Are you a gambler?" When I'm taking clients out, I'm hoping for sunny weather, as I know that good photos are a sure bet under these conditions. But if I am heading out personally, I'll often go out in crappy weather. I know that in crappy weather the chances are a lot higher that I'll come home empty-handed. However, I also know that when Mother Nature decides to give me a break, and put on a dramatic light show, the results can be phenomenal.

Three hour photography tour:
1 person, $250.
2 people, $160 per person.
3 people, $120 per person.

Five hour photography tour:
1 person, $350.
2 people, $210 per person.
3 people, $160 per person.

Six hour Cruise Ship tour:
1 person, $400.
2 people, $250 per person.
3 people, $200 per person

The maximum number of photographers will be restricted to 3, which means that you will receive lots of one-on-one tuition from myself and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Teaching you:
Give me a few hours of your time and I’ll spend it ‘adjusting’ the most important piece of photographic equipment you’ll ever own: your brain!
Buying a nice camera and then not learning how to use it properly, is akin to buying a plane and then spending your time taxiing up and down the runway. Sure, you are going somewhere, but not anywhere fast, and certainly not at the speed you could be going. So come on a photography workshop or tour and watch your photography take off.