Photoshop is the midwife of a good photo.


It’s fair to say that we have all done it.  We’ve looked upon an amazing scene, taken a photo, and then while viewing the photo on the camera or computer, been totally underwhelmed with the result. Our photo looks nothing like what we saw and remember. The good news is that the photo we remember, often is still actually in the file that we got from the camera. It just needs a little help for it to come out. This is where Photoshop comes in.


It's true that we can’t ‘turn a sows ear into a silk purse’, that processing cannot make a bad picture good. But it's equally true that without tasteful editing, a great picture may remain just average. Appropriate processing can reveal the hidden beauty in your images and make them come alive. If you've done the hard work in the field, it’s now time to learn how to add the final tweaks on the computer.

Whether you want your images to match the way the scene looked at the time of capture or enhance them to match your mind's grand vision, our Photoshop workshops will give you the skills needed to traverse the last mile in your journey towards imaging excellence.

Photoshop for beginners.    3-day workshop.                    
24th to 26th of March 2016 (26th is Otago anniversary day).
Held in Dunedin. More Information:

Photoshop and the landscape, 4 days in the Maniototo.                
10th October to 14th of October 2018.
More Information:

Custom / one-on-one workshops:

We can organise a workshop to suit your requirements.              

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