Out on the street, photographing the wonderful diversity that is humankind.



For a lot of people, the idea of taking photos of complete strangers on the street, is something that, to say the lest, scares the bejeezus out of them.  Yet at the same time they constantly see people on the street that they would love to photograph, as they recognise the potential for a fabulous photograph.  If this describes you, then our one-day street photography course is just what you need.

We’ll look at a range of techniques and camera setting that will help you get better street photos.  We’ll even look at how to process your photos to bring the best out in them.  But more than anything else, we will eliminate that fear of taking photos of strangers on the street. Yes we will spend time on the street, photographing strangers!  The first time out people are often pretty nervous, but by the end of the first session people are buzzing from the realisation that they can do it and they didn’t get negative reactions from the people they photographed.


To see a students ‘take’ on the day, please see the following links.  The first is a blog post on the day, the second some photos from that day.

click here to see Andy's blog post

click here to see Andy's photos from the day.



Held in Dunedin.


Saturday 11th November, 2017.

What to bring:

We'll provide morning and afternoon tea.  Bring your own lunch.

Camera and lens

Camera batteries, charger and lots of memory.

A laptop with photo editing software if you have it.
(we may be able to lend you one if you don't. contact us.)

A sense of adventure and the willingness to give something new a go!



The maximum number of photographers on the workshop will be restricted to 6, which means that you will receive lots of one-on-one tuition from Allan and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.