A little knowledge goes a long way . . . and you will never be charged ‘excess baggage’ for it.


Pack some photography knowledge now; before you head away and you will have it for all future trips. The results will be seen in the photos that you bring home.


Back in the bad old days, before digital, people would travel to far off exotic locations . . . and only shoot a couple of rolls of film!  When questioned about this, their inevitable answer was “But film costs so much!” Yet if you think about it, it was never the film that was expensive, it was the trip. 
Nowadays, with digital, people take a lot more photos.  Taking a lot of photos however, is no guarantee that any of them will be any good.  Yes, you could save money by not learning about travel photography before you go; just like people saved money by not buying rolls of film. Please don’t make this mistake.

Join us for a long weekend of travel photography and be surprised at how easy it is to learn some simple things that will make a big difference to your travel photos.

Travel photography per se is actually a combination of a bunch of different styles.  It’s street photography and street portraiture (the two are not the same), it’s architectural photography and food photography, it’s landscapes, seascapes and wildlife photography.   We will look at ways to improve all of these, as well as other things like what equipment to take, how to back up your photos, how to find the good locations and lots more.

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Held in Dunedin.


Saturday 21st October to Monday afternoon of the 23rd (Labour weekend).

What to bring:

Bring your own lunch (or go to a local cafe). We'll provide morning and afternoon tea.  

Camera and lens

Camera batteries, charger and lots of memory.

A laptop with photo editing software if you have it.
(we may be able to lend you one if you don't. contact us.)

A sense of adventure and the willingness to give something new a go!


Deposit: $300

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The maximum number of photographers on the workshop will be restricted to six, which means that you will receive lots of one-on-one tuition from myself and Kim and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.